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Thursday, 29 May 2014 21:21


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SOC ION Africa

There will be an ION Conference at the Palace du Peuple where we will discuss IPv6, DNSSEC, and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). ION Conferences bring network engineers and leading industry experts together to discuss emerging technologies. More than a simple lecture series, ION events provide hands-on interaction with our speakers so you walk away with the answers you need to deploy new standards and technologies in your own networks.

More information on the ION Conference is available at


Friday, 16 May 2014 12:57

Presentation template

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Please click here to download the AIS 2014 slide template. 


draft programme

Workshop & Tutorials

Tutorials and workshops are taking place at the Palais du Peuple in Djibouti.


Room31 May1 June2 June 

0900 – 1800 

AfricaCERT Cybersecurity Day

0900 – 1800

Mobile Applications Development – Iphone - Nii Quaynor

1100 – 1800

Mobile Applications Development – Android – Narteh Sappore-Siaw 


0900 – 1800 


0900 – 1800

IPv6 Deployment Planning Tutorial - Philip Smith

11:00 - 18:00

BGP Multihoming Techniques Tutorial – Philip Smith

1000 – 1230 

Google Apps for Education

0900 – 1800 

Collecting NetFlow with Pmacct - Paolo Lucente, Pmacct

1100 – 1300 

Google Apps – Best Practices – Mandi Nanga


1000 – 1230 

Women in ICT Forum

1 Day

 AFRINIC INRM (Internet Number Resource Management) 

Mukom Tamon

Brice Abba

Madhvi Gokool

11:30 - 18:00

ION Conference Africa and IETF Update

Combating Spam "a Technical Options for Spam Mitigation and Network Management"

Kevin Chege



Online Localised Content Development Training

Duksh Koonjoobeharry


Online Localised Content Development Training

Duksh Koonjoobeharry 


Online Localised Content Development Training

Duksh Koonjoobeharry


1 Day


Brice Abba

Mukom Tamom


1100 -1800


 Alain Aina

1 Day


Alain Aina

11:00 -18:00





Unix Boot Camp 25 May 2014 (Sunday)
AfNOG Workshop 26 - 30 May 2014 (Monday - Friday)
AfricaCERT Workshop 26 - 30 May 2014 (Monday - Friday)
AfTLD Workshop 26 - 30 May 2014 (Monday - Friday)



nii service

The Network Information & Infrastructure (NI&I) Service Award has been set up to reward individuals and organisations for contributing to Internet development in Africa. The NI&I Service Award pays tribute to the actors of this sector in Africa and the Indian Ocean and sets the foundation to reward the next generation of heroes and models from the African Internet technical community for their achievements. In 2013, the fifth NI&I Service Award Ceremony was held in Lusaka, Zambia. The winners for the two award categories were:

  1. Alan Barrett for the NI&I Service Award

  2. Patrick Okui for the NI&I Young Professional Award

 Please click here to nominate a candidate.

Important dates

- Call for nomination opens: 10 March

- Call for nomination closes: 21 April 

- Selection process: 22 April to 5 May

- Selection of the winner: 6 May



Wednesday, 16 January 2013 06:45


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afgwgThe AIS is host to the AFRINIC Government Working Group (AfGWG)  set up at the initiative of AFRINIC to work with African governments and regulators from the ICT sector to address general Internet governance challenges in Africa. The first AfGWG Meeting was held in January 2010.

The AFRINIC Government Working Group (AfGWG) was set up  to provide a platform for open and interactive discussions between AFRINIC and African governments and ICT regulators. Collaboration between African ICT stakeholders is important in view of the steady growth of the Internet and its impact on the socio-economic development in the region. The rapid growth and development of the Internet in Africa calls for an enhanced collaboration between ICT policy makers on issues of critical interest to the continent.

This collaboration provides the African competent authorities including ICT regulators an insight into the management of IP resources in the region.

Objectives of the Working Group

1. To strengthen the collaboration between AFRINIC and African Governments and Regulators to promote sustainable and secure Internet development in Africa

2. To address collaboratively the general Internet governance challenges faced within the region, in particular those related to Internet number resources.

AfGWG meetings

The first meeting launched the AfGWG in 2010 in Ebene, Mauritius, subsequently, five more meetings have been held back to back with AFRINIC public policy meetings:

  • Rwanda, Kigali – June 2010
  • South Africa, Johannesburg – November 2010
  • Tanzania, Dar es Salaam – June 2011
  • Cameroon, Yaoundé – November 2011
  • The Gambia, Serekunda – May 2012
  • Zambia, Lusaka - June 2013
  • Côte D'Ivoire, Abidjan  - November 2013


The AfGWG meetings are an opportunity for Governments and Regulators to take stock of current and new activities/initiatives (IPv6 deployment, capacity and training programmes) as well as outcomes of important meetings and negotiations at both regional and international levels. The meetings also enable the sharing of regional/international best practices and help, inter alia, in the establishment of appropriate ICT programmes to address African needs in terms of IP resources.

Additional information on the AfGWG is available at:
For more information, please contact us via afgwg [@]

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 10:31

AIS plenaries

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ais plenaries

AIS plenary sessions span over several days following the Training sessions. Plenary sessions bring the various stakeholder groups of the African ICT community together, including the Af* organisations and ISPs, for public policy discussions, presentations and stakeholder panel sessions on:

  • The allocation and management of IP addresses and ASNs
  • Technical  and Internet governance issues
  • Networking, peering and security
  • Domain names, cyber laws and registrars issues 
  • Updates of the African registry operations and RIR, IANA, ICANN updates


Tuesday, 15 January 2013 10:13


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trainingThe Africa Internet Summit Training workshops include, in addition to current topics, popular and emerging ICT topics such as Mobile Networking and Cyber Security. These trainings target both technical and non technical audiences. You will find the list of training sessions for the AIS below.   

The wide range of Training topics during the Event usually include: IPv6 Workshops, Internet Resource Management Training, Cybersecurity workshops -by the AfricaCERT, Africa Internet Interconnections and Traffic Exchange, RPKI, DNSSEC, Africa Internet Standards workshops, Workshops on Network Technology, bandwidth management, iphone application management, BGP multihoming and more.

AFRINIC IRM and IPV6 focus on the IPv6 protocol and its deployment,  especially in  Africa and the issue of the exhaustion of the IPv4 pool of address space. There will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges which our region faces with IPv4 address  space exhaustion among others

The trainings are free of charge (except for AfNOG workshops).

AFRINIC-16 Serekunda - Impression from
training participant
AFRINIC - 16 SEREKUNDA - Tamon Akong Mukom
AFRINIC Training Manger

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