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subramanian moonesamy

Name: Subramanian Moonesamy

Organisation: Eland Systems

Position/Role: Consultant

 Physical Address: 76 Ylang Ylang Avenue, Quatre Bornes

Country: Mauritius

Nominated by: Andrew Kenningale Alston, Group Head of IP Strategy - Liquid Telecommunications

Region: Indian Ocean



I am writing to stand as a member of the Board of AFRINIC. My motivation for standing is that I am familiar with the work of AFRINIC and the challenges facing the African region, and I can actively contribute to the work and the success of AFRINIC.

I am a consultant for Eland Systems. I am a member of the RFC Independent Submissions Editorial Board. I was one of the co-Chairs of the AFRINIC Policy Development Working Group. I am the author of the Policy Development Process in the AFRINIC service region. I co-authored the Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA.

As a consultant I have worked with companies at a managerial level, both in an advisory capacity and in a technical capacity. I have extensive international experience as I have worked for companies in Africa, Europe, and the United States for several years. In support of my personal experience I am also able to call upon the experience of people in other Regional Internet Registries in seeking best practices internationally on a wide range of business issues.

I have a good understanding of the work undertaken by AFRINIC as I have participated in discussions relating to the Internet Numbers Registry System since several years. Given my long-standing participation in other Internet-related venues I believe that the experience provides me with invaluable insight into the range of Internet issues.

I hope that my efforts within the African region illustrates my commitment. If I am elected to the Board it would be an honour to be of service to AFRINIC. 

The following questions were posed to each candidate by the Nominations Committee and for the candidates that answered, the responses have been published below for the community's information:

Question 1

If you are elected, what do you hope to personally accomplish?


I would ensure that there are adequate procedures in place to act as checks and balances for good governance.  I would address the fiduciary duty by monitoring the budget forecasts and assessing the company's performance so that it meets the objectives which have been set.  I would like to see more improvement in the quality of information provided to members so that the membership can assess the work of the company and the services it provides. 

I think that metrics should be published and that there is regular reporting that members have a better idea of what to expect in terms of service delivery.

Question 2

What Business Management and Leadership skills will you bring to AFRINIC?


I have the knowledge and experience of the business environment and a understanding of the financial and regulatory aspects in the jurisdiction in which the company operates.  I analyze issues and listen to the diverse opinions before taking an informed decision.  I am committed to carrying the duties and responsibilities I am assigned with diligence.

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