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kris seeburn

Name: Kris Seeburn

Organisation: Riesling Consulting Group

Position/Role: Managing Partner - Advisory

Physical Address: 2 Corby St, Morc Antelme, Forest Side City Curepipe

Country: Mauritius

Nominated by: Lala Andriamampianina, iRENALA (Madagascar)

Region: Indian Ocean



Personal Background goes to Academic, Consulting, Advisory to Governmental. IT Engineer and IT Audit practitioner with further expertise in Governance, Policy, Finance and Law.

Served on various boards as well as Alternate Board Member for Indian Ocean of Afrinic and having served on the Audit Committee. Contribution to Afrinic community is continued listening and support to the community and these challenging times are important for the community at large be it in our region or others. We face more or less the same challenges as a global internet community. But regionally the challenges are somewhat different.

Keeping an open ear to problems and solutions from the community and bringing my input from my professional background to help further Afrinic and see a real united community with common goals and objectives and meeting the challenges set. Each region also have challenges and our region which is Indian Ocean has its bigger challenges with the internet and the community development required.

Overall, i would like to bring my open views and listening ears to what we can bring together. Expertise in Business, Finance, Policy, Governance and Audit. 


The following questions were posed to each candidate by the Nominations Committee and for the candidates that answered, the responses have been published below for the community's information:

Question 1: If you are elected, what do you hope to personally accomplish?

Doing something that will directly or indirectly help the community will be enough of an accomplishment for me. Internet Governance & Internet well being is a very important issue to me, so if I can volunteer my time and my expertise and better understanding of Afrinic and its many challenges within the community will be benefit enough. Besides it will make me feel like I am using some of my time very wisely and usefully towards common interest of the community. Certainly an open ear and ambassadorship of the community.

Further, a feeling of satisfaction by being able to help and contribute to our community, country and continent and in further hope that I can share and involve and understand more and be more involved with some of what I am experienced in and contribute towards common learning and achieving common goals.


Question 2 : What Business Management and Leadership skills will you bring to AFRINIC?

I practice I am a full time trainer, consultant and Auditor. So I firstly would bring back those skills to Afrinic. Further the importance of having spent my first mandate as an Alternate Board member has brought about more understanding of the role than when I first joined. The challenges and objectives differ for all but what comes out as important is common view and common objectives of success as a Continent which is one of the bigger challenges. I bring Board skills gathered from other boards and understanding of our business today. Some element of shared vision, strategic views and understanding, courage and risk taking in a planned way. Humility and Integrity to get results.

Focus and cooperation to see commonly where we are all headed and working to achieving our goals. Viewing where we are headed and seeing a bit further to our own nose is important and perhaps what we call sometimes a bit a clairvoyance.


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