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Hajanirina Ramboasalama

Name: Hajanirina Ramboasalama

Organisation: Network Information Center Madagascar

Position/Role: Technical Contact

Physical Address: Itaosy, 101 - Antananarivo

Country: Madagascar

Nominated by: Lala Andriamampianina Technical Contact NIC Madagascar

Region: Independent



Hajanirina Ramboasalama is the Administrative Contact for the .mg ccTLD, which is managed by NIC-MG. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Orchid Systems since 2000. He is the President of AMUL, the Malagasy software users Association since 2000. He is a founding member of ISOC Madagascar in 2000. Haja Ramboasalama was a Director of the Board of AFRINIC.

Haja Ramboasalama participates in ICANN's ccTLD and ccNSO activities, he is a member of the ccNSO. He also participates in AFRINIC and AfTLD meetings and discussions. He is an advocate for the introduction of local ISPs in Madagascar. 


The following questions were posed to each candidate by the Nominations Committee and for the candidates that answered, the responses have been published below for the community's information:


Question 1 : If you are elected, what do you hope to personally accomplish ?

Question 2 : What business management and leadership skills will you bring to AfriNIC ?


[ The candidate did not provide answers to the questions above ]


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