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The ICT Business Practices Panel

Daniel Nanghaka from ILICIT(Integrating Livelihoods through Communication Information Technology)  presented remotely on Early Warning Early Response Disaster Management.  Daniel’s presentation shows how Mobile technologies are key in communication and how vital they were in Disaster Management.


See Daniel’s video online at:

Chehem Ibrahim Mohamed (Djibouti Telecoms) made a presentation on E- Health: the key concepts, objectives and spheres of e-Health, as well as its  application and usage in Djibouti. Implementation of e-health platforms such as telemedicine and remote medical consultations platforms, and the National  Sanitary Information System project in Djibouti were highlighted.

More on presentation at:

Nikunj Gupta of Ericsson introduced the benefits of using the Ericsson wallet platform, a mobile money transfer application.  The wide array of mobile services were highlighted as well, and the advantages of mobile money  transfer apps and its functionalities were also demonstrated.

Read more on Nikunj’s presentation at:

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