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FIRE at AIS 2014

The FIRE Programme came to an end on 3 June. During AIS 2014, FIRE organised two workshops: Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and Grant Proposal Development



The Project Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, that took place 1 June to 3 June, targeted the newly selected 2014 FIRE Grant winners.

Eleven Winning projects were selected from eight economies: Cape-Verde, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

The facilitator was Mr. Kenneth Sanvi from SANVI & Co.

The selected participants were introduced to M & E processes in a project management cycle. and were trained in the principles of M&E for better result measurements. 

 The Workshop focused on: 

  • Identifying project requirements
  • Addressing the various needs, concerns and expectations of the stakeholders in planning and executing the project.
  • Managing communications among stakeholders.
  • Balancing the competing constraints.

The trainer concluded his course by encouraging participants to always have SMART indicators for their activities, outcomes, and impact of their projects. 

The second workshop, Grant Proposal Development, targeted prospective applicants to the FIRE Grants coming from isolated, post conflict, Arabic, and Francophone speaking regions.

Nine people participated from six countries: Cameroon, Djibouti, Mali, and Tunisia.

This workshop was set to build the capacity of potential grant applicants in order to improve the quality of their proposals. Once developped, these proposals will be presented to the FIRE Programme and  to other potential donors, sponsors, or investors.

The facilitator was FJ CAVA from CAVA Consulting.

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