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AfNOG Plenary

The AFNOG plenary session took place on 3rd June. The session was highly interactive with discussions on current Internet technical and business issues, such as the importance of Mobile Application, Peering, Security, IPv6, Carrier Grade NAT, and Internet leadership.


After the welcome and sponsor speeches, Douglas Onyango from Wipro Technologies gave a presentation on Best Current Operating Practices.  

Chris Grundemann from Internet Society followed with a talk on the IPv6 security world. Chris explained that there are a lot of myths around IPv6 and its security. Chris cleared those myths during his presentation.

Mr Abas Ikbal from Red Comms Communication Services explained how bandwidth speed measurement tools can be useful and how it can be used to improve routing and traffic engineering optimizing new IT services like VOD, cloud services, voip.

AIS sponsors China CCSI spoke on the Next Generation IDC and Evolution on Network Security.

The presentation Next Generation IDC showed that with the Iaas platform. Green, Cloud, and Intelligent technology will be in the new IDC making IDC energy saving, virtualized and smart.

The other presentation given on Evolution of Network Security explained the threads and the trend of security and showed new network security and technology.

The afternoon session began with Barry Apurdo addressing the challenges of Peering and migration issues in Kenya.

Mark Mc Fadden from Intercommunications talked on the delicate relation between CGN and extending the address space which is further
divorcing Internet users from identifiable IP numbers.

The Africa Internet Youth Leadership Project (Y-I-LEAD) was launched during the open discussion with the community at AIS 2014. It will help harness the great wealth of resource/energy of African youth towards ensuring their visibility in Internet entrepreneurship and leadership roles.

Later in the afternoon, Frank Habitch spoke on behalf of Philip Smith. The presentation described the current state of the BGP table, and looked at the level of de-aggregation taking place.

Mrs Oubah Malow presented on an IXP project in Djibouti. The steps Djibouti Telecom will follow to establish an IXP and play an important role in the peering activities in the region by linking East African IXPs to major European and Middle Eastern IXPs. 

Mr Aberto Mercateli took the floor for the final session and proposed several tips to help selecting a potential peering partner or upstream provider using free tools available on the web.

All presentations can be downloaded at:

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